Scorpio Personality Traits You NEVER Know About!

Are you a Scorpio? Or, are you dating one? What are Scorpio personality traits that you want to learn about? Born under a secretive and powerful zodiac sign, each Scorpio has the opposing nature – they can be optimistic and pessimistic, loving and cold, independent and weak.

What’s more?

Firstly, let’s have an overall look at the eighth astrological sign:

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Date – October 24th – November 22nd
Ruling planets – Pluto and Mars
Element – Water
Quality – Fixed
Best compatibility – Taurus and Cancer
Color – Red, scarlet and violet
Lucky numbers – 2, 4, 8, 11, 18, 22
Lucky day – Tuesday
Lucky gemstones – Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral and Bloodstone

Next, about Scorpio eminent personalities:

Strengths – Passionate, resourceful, energetic, ambitious, honest, loyal, intuitive
Weaknesses – Jealous, secretive, distrusting, obsessive

As a Water sign, Scorpio-born individuals are extremely mysterious and private. They rarely express their emotions and are prone to keep their true feelings run deep down inside. Besides, like other Water signs, Scorpio people are very intuitive. They are really into observing things that others hiding under the surface. However, they are not the type that easily spills somebody’s secrets. Completely trustworthy, Scorpios in any case will keep your secrets in the locket.

In addition, those born under Scorpio zodiac sign are passionate and assertive. They can be strong-willed, decisive and determined. No matter what is happening, they won’t stop figuring out the truth. This characteristic sometimes makes them become very stubborn and competitive. Moreover, they are seen as passionate, dominant, controlling and adaptable persons. All these positive qualities make them a great leader who is able to cope with any situation resourcefully.

What To Remember?

Most Scorpios don’t forgive easily. Their sting will get ready to take action once they sense the sign of betrayal. Do not do something wrong to a Scorpio or they will teach you how to spell the word “revenge”. They can be a very good friend or loyal lover; yet they will put their act of kindness aside if anyone takes them for granted.

Because of the intense characteristics, Scorpio natives are prone to possessiveness, jealousy and selfishness. Their cold behavior and mysterious appearance often cause other people to think of them as uncaring and heartless. Generally, Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac.

In order to clear off the misunderstanding, you should stop being secretive. Then learn to trust others and open your innermost feelings.

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Dating A Scorpio – What To Expect?

Considered as one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, along with Taurus, Scorpio individuals are passionate in love. For them, intimacy is a must in a romantic relationship. Once they serious fall for someone, they will become a faithful, dedicated partner. Because of the influence of Scorpio traits, they expect their lover to be intelligent, honest and devoted. They love hard yet don’t get involved in a relationship easily. Actually, it takes Scorpios a very long time to build trust and respect for someone.

Dating a Scorpio
  • Scorpio traits female in love

What makes a Scorpio lady attractive?

Women of this zodiac sign are known for being emotional, demonstrative and demanding. There are actually not enough words to describe a Scorpio woman. Full of flair and charm, she is the type that can captivate every man’s heart. She loves to flirting and seducing men; however, she is not the woman that you can win over immediately. Having a problem in trusting people, it takes a Scorpio female from several months to a year to determine whether the man she likes worth her trust or not. Anyone who is able to pass a series of her mental tests, she is the right partner for you.

Although she may be flirtatious, Scorpio female only looks for a long-term, committed relationship. Men, who challenge to be her man, keep in mind that she wants nobody to control her. She expects her partner to be someone that is worth her trust and full of affection.

So, who can grab the heart of this mysterious, sensual and passionate lady?

  • Scorpio traits male in love

What is it like to date a Scorpio male?

Seducing this man is easy, but it doesn’t mean he is easy to get. Well, in fact, forming a serious love relationship with a guy of the Scorpio sign is pretty hard. Why? Although he is strong, powerful outside, deep down he is very emotional and sensitive. Of course he won’t let anyone know about his weak side because of his pride. He often feels alone due to the influence of his emotions.

If any woman looks for a relationship with Scorpio male, be affectionate. Don’t try to control him or take the lead as this is an unwise move. When he becomes moody, he expects his partner to be by his side and quietly understand his emotions. Never nagging him or he will leave right away as this man already has a hard time. In case you want a protective lover, then Scorpio man is all you need.

How To Attract A Scorpio?

Are you having an eye on a Scorpio born currently? If yes, it’s time to get tips on attracting a Scorpio:

First and foremost, honesty is everything to Scorpios. Never tell any lie to them or they will leave without saying goodbye. Always stay true to them as they have a strong intuition telling them what is going on. When they are talking, listen attentively – your comments will let them know whether you are interested with what they say or just pretend. Don’t fake; simply speak your mind and you will gain their respect.

Together with frankness, Scorpio natives have a huge interest in people who are as determined as them. Even though they are unpredictable, they won’t change their decision once making up their mind. Therefore, they expect their partner not the kind that easily makes changes in the last minute. Also, Scorpios are drawn into those who are adventurous and dare to take risk.

More importantly, you shouldn’t point out that their opinions are wrong because they will surely think of you as an annoying person. Whether you are kidding or not, it is a big mistake to hurt a Scorpio’s pride. Additionally, show Scorpios your strong personalities but do not try to control them. When it comes to the ideal partner, these people look for somebody who is sincere, independent and ambitious, just like them.

Scorpio Personality Traits In A Nutshell

Scorpio Personality Traits

As mentioned earlier, Scorpio-born individuals are often misunderstood. What is the reason for this? Based on Scorpio sign meaning, it is because of their contradictions in every field of their lives.
Persons born under this zodiac sign love to learn new things as well as experience everything surrounding them. Since they are intuitive and mysterious, they are fond of studying about occult conspiracy theories and paranormal events. They get excited when discovering things that are still the mysteries to the majority of people.

The biggest fear of Scorpio is probably the failure. Feel surprised, huh?

In fact, not many notice this trait from Scorpios as they don’t often (never actually) show their true feelings – the thirst for winning. In any situation, they are extremely competitive because they hate failure. Usually when they fail, no one can tell how they exactly feel. To a Scorpio, confessing their fear or worry to anyone is seen as a sign of weakness.

In short, unlike their calm and cold appearance, Scorpios are intense, deep, intuitive and emotional. These people are seemingly detached and unemotional outside, but their inner characteristics display forceful passion, incredible power, strength, a tenacious drive and a strong will. Domination is a way allowing Scorpios to show their power – they tend to control others, those who they find weak. When someone flips over the table, meaning their control is lost, Scorpios feel threatening.

To put it simply, controlling people gives them a secure feeling, making them feel safe. On the bad side, Scorpio natives are known for being moody. Especially in love, they usually get emotional because of their obsessiveness and jealousy.

This somehow explains why a number of Scorpios hardly experience long-lasting relationships with other signs. Too sensitive, they can easily get hurt or hurt others, and this may lead to serious arguments and conflicts in the future. If you are planning to be in a relationship with a Scorpio, consider all the ideas above.

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