Get to Know Scorpio Personality Facts – Understanding a Scorpio

Passionate, penetrating, and determined, Scorpio sign will probe until reaching the very truth.

People born under this zodiac sign have a mysterious aura around them. They rarely show their emotions, yet there is certainly an enormous amount of activity happening beneath the surface. Dynamic, loyal, and observant are some of the many positive traits a Scorpion possesses.

What are Scorpio personality facts?

Scorpio characteristics are quite complex as this sign comes across as aloof. There is usually a smoldering cauldron of intensity buried deep inside. Many Scorpio-born individuals dislike letting others see their seething emotion, so they often give off a cool and detached persona.

Scorpio Personality Traits

In the zodiac, Scorpio (October 22nd – November 21st) is the eighth sign. This sign is the most misunderstood among twelve sun signs.

Generally, Scorpios are mysterious, intense, deep, and intelligent beings, who seem very hard to understand. If you get to know them better, you’ll realize they can make excellent friends and partners.

Being with a Scorpio requires you a great level of patience and understanding. These people can become cranky, irrational, and even insecure when being in an emotional upheaval. Their attributes, whether positive or negative, always tend to be extreme.

What is Scorpio Real Personality?

Talking about personality facts of Scorpio, Scorpio natives overall are characterized by the intensity of their contradictory personalities.

Because they are full of contradictions, they have a tendency to be apart from the society. They enjoy their own independence and will get annoyed when others interrupt them. They like keeping their feelings under tight wraps and hate those who try to dominate them.

Scorpios are very committed to relationships, but find it hard to put their trust and belief in others.

They love to tease people, but will get offended when the table is turned. Confused? Well, the more you get to know about this zodiac sign, the more confused you will get.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios are well-known for their courage, no hesitating to solve tough situations and face challenges. Ambition is also their defining attribute – they are ambitious and motivated by their need to succeed. Nothing can stop them from pursuing their goals.

Knowing Scorpio Personality Facts

They can be fiercely independent or painfully needy, strong or vulnerably fragile, generously loving or coldly stand-offish.

Scorpio born has great respect and admiration for those who are strong-minded and frank with their words. They like people who listen carefully to what they say without cutting them mid-way.

Also, they can smell dishonesty from a mile away, so if you want to enter a relationship with a Scorpio, it’s a must to be honest and genuine.

Insanely reliable, loving and caring, Scorpios never ever let people down. You can trust them as they are not the type who will ever break your trust.

When it comes to love, no one being from any zodiac can compete with the amount of devotion, attention and commitment a Scorpio puts into a relationship which is all about commitment and absolute honesty. Once they fall in love, they fall really hard.

Shortly, as per Scorpio personality facts, these people are extremes. When they are good, they are amazing; however, when they are bad, they are very scary.

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