All About Scorpio Characteristics

In the Zodiac cycle, there are all of the 12 signs. To be known as the eighth sign, Scorpio will include those who have dates of birth between 23rd October and 21st November.

In astrology, Scorpio is described as a negative sign with Mars as its ruling planet and water as its Zodiac element. Read this article if you wish to discover more about the personality traits of Scorpio.

What do you know about Scorpio Characteristics?

To be symbolized by a dangerous and mighty Scorpion, this sign can be classified into 3 types: 1/ the poisonous people who are very dangerous, 2/ the high-spirited and noble people who are passionate and kind, and 3/ the chameleons who are likely to change their behaviors or attitudes according to the situations.

Here are some prominent traits of Scorpio:

  • In general, Scorpios possess innermost feelings. They are able to sense all kinds of emotions, regardless of whether these ones are positive or negative. At times, Scorpios are believed to be highly jealous and bitter about their enemies and rivals. However, they can find any way to protect their loved ones from serious harm and danger.
  • Specially, people belonging to this sign have a tendency to hide their actual motives from others. They also own an inherent necessity to be in control.
  • With their paranormal, occult and mysterious traits by nature, most of the Scorpios are fond of investing and discovering anything till they get the convincing answers.
  • Sometimes, Scorpios are fearful of any kind of failure. To avoid failure, they will not hesitate to make practical and prudent decisions. For example, they always set the tangible, short-term and realistic goals, and then accomplish them one by one.
  • Interestingly, to be known as the independent ones, Scorpios are always happy to be on their own. Since they are not extremely sociable, they can be quite possible to stay alone.
  • Believe it or not, they are also described as the ambitious individuals. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why they may work restlessly without any break. All things they want are to achieve what they set. When it comes to work, most of them seem to be quite flexible. In case the ways they are doing do not bring them any positive result, they are always ready to change a different approach.
  • Moreover, when it comes to competition and rivals, Scorpios are very ruthless and fierce. Thanks to their sharp memories, it is not a daunting task for them to win any serious argument through providing accurate details and facts.

How about Scorpios as the lovers?

All About Scorpio Characteristics

As lovers, Scorpios are supposed to be all about passion, mystery, possessiveness and sensuality.

For a Scorpion woman, she is seductive and flirtatious, yet at the same time highly affectionate and committed when being in a deep relationship. However, she is also a very demanding and exciting woman. In love, she prefers to be in full control.

Like a Scorpio woman, a Scorpio man is very possessive about his partner. Nevertheless, he may be also extremely sensitive, and apt to hide his sensitivity under his cold outside.

Sometimes, it is quite hard to understand a Scorpio man’s characteristics when he falls in love. Positively, when being in a committed romance, he can make his woman feel safe, and do anything for his lover.

In sum, to get an in-depth understanding of Scorpios or win their hearts, we have to find out them thoroughly, ranging from their likes to their dislikes. Although this can be truly a challenge, we will not surely be disappointed to have them as friends, partners or colleagues.

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