Glimpse at the Dark Side of Scorpio Woman in Love Relationship

Everyone has their own dark side whether they realize it or not, and there’s no exception for Scorpio.

Let’s discuss the dark side of Scorpio woman in this article.

This lady is known for being secretive and manipulative, as well as have trust issues. People often see a Scorpion as the type of person that is evil and cannot be trusted; it’s all due to her intensity, magnetism, and secretiveness.

Bad Qualities of Scorpio Woman

This woman is considered to have magnetic Scorpio characteristics. She is sexy, confident, and intelligent – who can resist her charm and magnetic aura?

The idea of sharing the life with this lady can be enticing. However, did you forget that she has a dark side which not many can endure? Getting to know her better, you will realize that her dark self is intimidating and nerve-racking.

The female Scorpion is revengeful, so you are much better not to hurt her. Without hesitation, she can go to any length to avenge the betrayal. Her sting is fatal, remember!

One of the common bad qualities of Scorpio woman is perhaps her over possessive nature.

When it comes to love matters, she fiercely guards the man she loves. Very suspicious, even a teasing stare or a friendly flirt can get her inner volcano wake up from its dormancy state.

In addition, she is infamous for her temperamental and stubborn nature. As such, she will become tenacious if being forced to look from others’ point of view.

How is a Scorpio Woman?

She is a passionate female who’s blessed with magnetic eyes and interesting nature. Scorpio woman is born with the ability to influence people according to her requirements. In case you make her feel deceived or hurt, she will definitely return and teach you a lesson.

She is secretive by nature and strongly believes in being genuine and independent. By far, this lady is controlling and demanding – she hates to be dominated, even by her lover.

Overall, women of Scorpio zodiac sign are misunderstood most, comparing to others.

Scorpio Female Dark Side

On the flip side, a Scorpio female in love is kind-hearted and good at pleasing her partner by beautiful poems. She would attract the attention of all but, at the end, only remain loyal to one. To men, she is a truly charmer with a magnetic presence that is absolutely overpowering.

She is brilliantly sharp and chiefly focuses on the fundamental essence of any issue. Extremely intuitive, she can easily recognize the real intentions of men and know what exactly is on their mind.

The female under this sign is intensely passionate. Whatever she does, she does with complete fervor and enthusiasm.

Scorpio woman loves passionately and also hates passionately – there is no middle ground for her. She is honest and loyal by nature, and expects the same from her loved ones. When getting married with the female Scorpio, you should treat her well. Why? Once the love turns into hatred, she would not take a moment before giving you lasting scars.

It’s true the dark side of Scorpio woman can be a bundle of surprise for many. This lady tends to be extreme in everything she does. She is nice and generous; yet, do not dare to play with her emotions.

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