Scorpio Woman Traits In The Bright And Dark Sides

For those who are on the quest for Scorpio woman traits, a close look at this eighth Zodiac sign sounds quite interesting.

Generally speaking, your Scorpio lady is fascinating and magnetic from the first glance.

Common Traits Of Scorpio Woman In The Bright Side

Almost all Scorpio ladies are born with the strong will and courage. Thus, they will do what they want and chase it regardless of how challenging it is. The will power also allows them to make their own ways to approach their determined goals and accomplishments.

Along with that, her ambition can not be easily satisfied since she usually aims for the stars.

Believing that your Scorpio woman is brave enough to make her own decisions and take risks consciously. Her determination is one of her inborn strengths that help her to navigate her own life path.

No matter how many obstacles and pitfalls along the way, she is on the way to deal with them via her brainpower and bravery.

Scorpio Woman Traits In The Bright And Dark Sides

Her magnetic charm catches your eyes, your mind, and your heart. You may find it quite awkward to ignore such the beauty and attraction.

Besides, her passion and knowledge are the great sources for the everlasting conversations. She is resourceful indeed; stand by you to raise you up with her practical advice and instructions!

Have you got any Scorpio friend?

She is definitely your true friend with the highly-valued promises. Once she has promised to do something for you, it is no doubt about it.

In reference to love, she turns to be a loyal partner who can keep the love fires burning throughout her lifetime. Thus, it is a big advantage when a Scorpio woman is yours.

Being blessed with the young energy, the Scorpio lady finds it uncomfortable to stay at home all the time and wait for her husband’s financial support. Her life targets are wide and enormous. Money, power, and position are generally regarded as her energy boosters. She is thirsty for them, and usually gives them the prioritized spot in their life targets.

As a typical Water sign, this special lady is born with the artistic tendency and sensitive emotion. Her intuition and insights make her a potential “Psychic” who can read others’ mind. Positively, these special gifts help her to take the right actions at the right moments!

A Scorpio woman in love is sensitive enough to figure out her life mate’s faithfulness in some aspects. In this case, getting jealous is one of her responses.

Common Traits Of Scorpio Woman In The Dark Side

As every bean has its black, the typical negative traits of Scorpio woman that need to be taken into account.

First of all, her jealousy drives many men to say goodbye to her. To an airy man like Aquarian, the frequent anger or bitterness is the big red flag that needs to be eliminated.

However, this lady often thinks that another person is trying to take her lover, friends, or possession away from her. Hence, getting jealous is a common mood. In that serious sense, their peace of mind can not be secured, and they are likely to live in the cautious or distrusting lifestyle.

On the dark side of Scorpio woman, she tends to conceal herself with the secretive appearance and behavior. People find it impossible to know what is going on in her mind since she is difficult to talk to at the beginning of the stages.

Sometimes, her sensitiveness goes beyond her control, so she gets hurt easily due to some negative criticism or treatments.

Do not expect your Scorpio lady to be under your control and domination! In contrast, she is the one that takes the lead with the tough and firm decisions in some cases.

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